Who wears the pants

Hi! My name is Marina Jalovec. In East European languages the word “jalovec” means juniper. This is a wonderful plant with a powerful sun energy and lot of hale. Maybe that’s why miracles keep happening around me: different creatures are manifesting themselves beyond my will, finding out their names and beginning to live their own magic life… You can’t even call them toys, that’s how individual they are… Independent little Htotas, good-hearted but also severe Tyatyas live all over the world and bring joy to people.

This was not always like that. As far as I remember myself, I was only supposed to play the violin and not get distracted with different wonders. I learned to play violin so well so that I can play it myself and teach others, which is also a wonder at some point.

When my own children were growing up, I didn’t have time for wonders too… But they grew and grew and finally became wizards and without them there wouldn’t be a hundredth part of miracles that are happening around our juniper…

This is Anton. My youngest wizard and the Head of this website. He lives and studies for a programmer in a good city called Prague. He also does some kind of sport with a tricky name, which I can’t even learn by no means.

This is Jane. The wizard of all the Wizards! She can work everything out so well, ther everyone around well be amazed. She is more likely the Neck of the website And of course on the neck resides the head. Places she lives in are various. Right now she is living in the Eastern hemisphere and checking out the laws of harmony with the help of topography.

This is Chufa. He is just a cat. The Heart of out website. And besides, the most sensitive part of it. This is because he is omnipresent, all-encompassing, and without him there is no website, no project and no life.